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Another Great Review for Shirudo

February 06, 2013

« Thank you so much!!!! Best sun holiday in 20 years.

Just a note to let you know how wonderful the Antioxidant Cream worked for my PMLE. Eight days in Mexico in the sun in the past would have left me with PMLE almost everywhere. Just got back and had very minor spots not even worth mentioning. I used it as recommended every two hours with sunscreen, 50 spf Eucerin Sun Allergy from Germany.

In the past the sunscreen only did not work. Last year I used Vitamin E oil with the sunscreen and it was better, but the Shirudo with sunscreen worked better than anything else I have ever tried.

Just a quick list of everything I do to try to help with the PMLE:
Vitamin D drops 5 drops daily (every day of the year)
Very good quality multivitamin (every day of the year)
Beta Carotene 2 x day for 1 month before.
Small amount of tanning bed 4 or 5 times (3 Minutes in stand up) just before leaving.
A few steam baths just before leaving to detoxify the skin. This was new and recommened by my Doctor.
I still avoided direct sun from 11:00 to 2:00 when possible stayed in the shade but did not have to cover up.

Only real difference from years past was the Shirudo!!!!!! FYI the 8 oz bottle was just enough for the 7 days. »

- Scott, Calgary - Canada