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PMLE Treatment with Shirudo AGR+E lotion

You suffer from PMLE and want to enjoy the sun again?  

You are not alone. PMLE or PLE (Polymorphous Light Eruption or Polymorphic Light Eruption) is the most common sun allergy, affecting 10% to 15% of North Americans. Main symptoms include itchy or burning rash typically occurring within 2 to 24 hours after sun exposure. The rash usually appears on sun-exposed portions of the neck, upper chest, arms and lower legs. In most patients, the rash goes away after a few weeks. Appearance of the rash varies greatly. Some people also experience flu like symptoms and fatigue.

PMLE sun rash pictures

According to research conclusions, a formulation combining alpha-glucosylrutin (also called AGR, ag-rutin, glucosylrutin) and Vitamin E use with a broad spectrum sunscreen is an effective preventive PMLE treatment. In clinical studies, 80% of people who have used this formulation in real conditions have experienced a major improvement of their PMLE and most of them had no symptoms at all. 



Shirudo AGR+E Lotion

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PMLE treatment Shirudo AGR+E

  • The only natural AGR lotion
  • More than 99% natural 
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Ultra-light and quickly absorbs  
  • Fragrance free
  • Keep using your favorite sunscreen



    Try AGR+E lotion to prevent PMLE



    « Your product is so effective

    I have to thank you sincerely for your wonderful antioxidant lotion!!  For years I suffered with PLE and could not enjoy the outdoors, much less a vacation in a sunny destination.  Because your product is so effective, I no longer have a problem!  Thank you, Thank You! »

    - Marie, Mont Sinai NY - USA


    « I truly believe this lotion will finally be able to provide hope and help to PMLE sufferers who don't want to avoid the sun completely!

    I began experiencing PMLE , or sun allergy, symptoms of varying degrees as a young teen. For years I've searched for products that could lessen or completely prevent the terrible itching and bumps that would appear every time I vacationed at the beach or spent a lot of time in the sun. I received this lotion in late July... just before leaving for a California beach vacation. I used the lotion as recommended: Before sun exposure and then reapplying every 2 hours while in the sun. I used SPF 4, 8, and 15 (so nothing above 15) while in the sun, over top of the Shirudo lotion. I did not develop ANY PMLE symptoms while on my vacation and came back with an amazing tan! » 

    - Lindsey, Kentucky


    «it's not often a product does what you use it for!

    I used your agr+e lotion for the first time this year for my vacation in Aruba, I developed polymorphous about 5 years ago and we go to Aruba every year, I read a blog about it and so i bought a bottle....i was willing to try anything to prevent this horrible rash with i get on my chest and upper arms. Your lotion was magnicifient! It prevented it about 90% of what I usually get and with continued use it went away after 1 day..I couldnt believe it, so just wanted to say... thank you thank you thank you! I will always use it for this reason and I will certainly tell anyone I know with the same problem. » 

    - Luann , Clinton NY - USA

    « It changed my vacation and will change the rest of my life.

    I just wanted to let you know how well your Antioxidant Moisturizing Body Lotion worked for me. I have been suffering from PMLE for years - the first time I had a reaction I was 17 and I have had a bad reaction to the sun every time I've gone south since. Before going on my vacation to Hawaii, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to do something about this so I could enjoy my time on the beach and outside when on vacation. I came across your product and saw the reviews it got so I decided to give it a try. I was in Hawaii for three and a half weeks and had no PMLE symptoms the entire time. It changed my vacation and will change the rest of my life as I know I can go to these places and enjoy myself without worrying about how much I've exposed my skin to the sun. Thank you so much, the product is incredible. »

    - Kimberly, Ottawa - Canada



    The Science Behind

    What clinical studies have found

    Studies by Jeanmougin et Al on PMLE sufferers under real solar exposure condition (Spring and Summer) reveal global efficacy of 80%

    PMLE sufferers applied a formulation combining alpha-glucosylrutin and Vitamin E  with a broad spectrum sunscreen every 2 hours.

    After summer
    67.3% had no eruptions at all
    19.2% had minor eruptions
    13.5% had severe eruptions


    Before any sun exposure, apply a very small quantity of lotion and massage well until full absorption. Apply a broad spectrum sunscreen on top. Repeat every 2 hours, after swimming or toweling.
    Shirudo AGR+E is a cosmetic lotion, not a sunscreen. You must still apply sun protection, but the good news is that you can keep using your favorite one. PMLE affects every skin type, therefore there is no way a single sunscreen with AGR could be suitable for all. That’s why we created this glucosylrutin lotion. It is fragrance free and more than 99% natural. It is so light you do not need to apply much. The moisturizing sensation is immediate and it absorbs quickly. A 8 oz bottle will be enough for seven full days at the beach.



    Enjoying Sunset in Costa Rica« Hi, my name is Eloise and I have PMLE for more than 25 years. I am the founder of Shirudo Cosmetics. At first I develop this lotion for myself but decided to make it available for everyone. From all the preventive PMLE treatments I’ve tried so far, it is the only solution that has reduced 90% of my symptoms and allowed me to fully enjoy a sun vacation for the first time since I was 12 years old. I use Shirudo AGR+E for 4 years now. I can enjoy beach vacations and outdoor activities all year long. I don't have to hide from the sun anymore.

    « Freedom is the most awesome part of a PMLE-free vacation… Be free to stay outside, to play in the water all day not having to cover from head to toe, enjoying summer and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I really hope you can benefit from this lotion too. »

    Of course I keep using a good broad spectrum sunscreen, but not as strong as the one I have used before. An SPF 25 is now quite enough and I don't get any sunburn. One of the most surprising thing I realized while testing the lotion is that my skin is not as sensitive as I thought. Since I was a teen, I used a very high SPF (even going as high as SPF 100!) thinking that my skin was burning easily when actually it was my PMLE either causing this burning sensation, or making my skin more prone to sunburn. My PMLE is manageable now. My health is a priority and I developed this lotion with the best natural ingredients. No more corticosteroid, no more antihistaminic, and no more tanning sessions. »

    - Eloise Camire,
    founder of Shirudo Cosmetics & PMLE sufferer for 25 years.


    Try it for yourself

    The horrible truth about PMLE is the ‘polymorphous’ part, because everyone experiences it differently, no treatment is effective for all. Other polymorphous light eruption treatment exist  (phototherapy, Beta-Carotene, nicotinamide, oral antihistaminic and anti-malaria tablet), all with more or less positive results. You have to try it for yourself and see if it's working or not. We strongly believe Alpha-glucosylrutin and Vitamin E use with a broad spectrum sunscreen is the most promising preventive treatment so far. It is simple, quick, and totally natural. Try it and send us your feedback. We want to improve the product and make it the best solution for all PMLE sufferers.

    Try AGR+E lotion on your next vacation



    Important: Always consult a dermatologist to assure you are suffering from PMLE and no other type of sun related conditions (photoallergic contact dermatitis, solar urticaria, phototoxicity, eczema, etc). Our lotion cannot prevent other type of sun allergies. If you already have a PMLE rash at this moment, anti-itch preparation and cold compresses may produce some temporary relief. Some people experience improvement with oral antihistamine. Aloe Vera may also help reduce the burning sensation. Try AGR+E on your next vacation.