The end of your sun rash

Natural ingredients proven to soothe sun rash & Polymorphous Light Eruption or PMLE.

Enjoy the Outdoor Again

Shirudo AGR+E lotions contain alpha-glucosylrutin (AGR) and Vitamin E, two natural ingredients proven to soothe PMLE or Polymorphous Light Eruption. Sol+3 is our all-in-one PMLE solution. It combines high concentrations of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, Hydroxytyrosol and Resveratrol, to provide protection against the effects of damaging free radicals on skin cells. 


  • Miracle cream!

    « I was sceptical about purchasing this cream. It is nothing shy of amazing! This cream, combined with regular sunscreen, has changed my life. Apply a thin layer under your regular sunscreen and enjoy life! This product has allowed me to once again enjoy life outdoors with my family. The bumps, rash, itching are all a distant memory when used properly. This cream is worth every penny!! »

    Michelle, Missouri - USA
  • Simply magic

    « This is sooooooo soothing. There simply aren’t words to explain the relief provided by this product. I love to wake up with calmed, smooth, relief on my skin before I head out to a life in the AZ sunshine. Thank you! »

    Crystal, Arizona - USA
  • This product is awesome!

    « I have been suffering with PMLE for years and nothing seemed to work with the rashes I would get from the sun. I went on vacation and had a major breakout on both of my legs. It felt like someone threw fire ants on me. I came home and ordered. Within 2 days my rash was gone and my skin felt awesome. Now to prevent rashes I layer on the lotion under my sunblock and have not had an outbreak since. »

    Lisa, New Jersey - USA
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