What is Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE) ? - Prevent it with Shirudo AGR+E lotion

What is Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE) ? - Prevent it with Shirudo AGR+E lotion

You suffer from Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE) and want to enjoy the sun again? 

You are not alone. Polymorphous Light Eruption or PMLE is the most common sun allergy, affecting 10% to 15% of North Americans. Main symptoms include itchy or burning rash typically occurring within 2 to 24 hours after sun exposure. The rash usually appears on sun-exposed portions of the neck, upper chest, arms and lower legs. In most patients, the rash goes away after a few weeks. Appearance of the rash varies greatly.

People who have suffered from PMLE during their lives know that it’s so much more than a simple itch. This condition can keep you awake at night, cause headaches, muscle pain and nausea. The psychological distress is also real. It can cast you away from your family enjoying the outdoor and ruin your week in the tropics or your whole Summer.  

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This is one simple and natural solution to manage your PMLE all year long without preparation ahead. Use Shirudo AGR+E lotion 15 minutes prior to sun exposure with a broad spectrum sunscreen, and repeat every two hours. Visit the product page to read hundred of 5-star reviews. Starting as low as $35. 


« Your product is so effective

I have to thank you sincerely for your wonderful antioxidant lotion!!  For years I suffered with PMLE and could not enjoy the outdoors, much less a vacation in a sunny destination.  Because your product is so effective, I no longer have a problem!  Thank you, Thank You! »

- Marie, Mont Sinai NY - USA



I’ve been going to Aruba for 11 years and this was the first time I had used this product, and I will never go on vacation without it again!!! I would suffer from a horrible rash by the second day of my vacation and this product works! Not only was it easy but it delivered exactly what it promises!!! I actually got a tan and didn’t have to spend time avoiding the sun as I usually do on my vacation. I highly recommend it and will be a loyal customer for years to come. Thank you Shirudo!!! » 

Melissa, Rhinebeck, NY



I have used this product on two beach vacations in the past year. I am overjoyed with results. Previously, I used a sunblock with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, or wore head-to-toe clothing with 100 SPF protection because any sun exposure resulted in a rash or hives within minutes. While using AGR+E with a 50 SPF, I was able to wear a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt. I was thrilled to walk on the beach and go swimming during daylight hours. Thank you for this amazing product! » 

- S. Harrison , Guelph, Ontario


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The Science behind AGR+E

According to studies, a formulation combining alpha-glucosylrutin (AGR) and Vitamin E use with a broad spectrum sunscreen is an effective preventive treatment for Polymorphous Light Eruption. In clinical studies, 80% of people who have used this formulation have experienced a major improvement of their PMLE and most of them had no symptoms at all. 



Shirudo AGR+E has been specifically formulated so that every ingredient has a therapeutic purpose and it will soothe your skin and quickly relieve the itching. If you’ve suffered from PMLE for years and found no relief with medication, phototherapy,  or just want a natural approach for your loved ones, there are so many benefits to be had with the natural formula within Shirudo AGR+E.

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Enjoying Sunset in Costa Rica« Hi, my name is Eloise and I have PMLE for 30 years. At first I develop this lotion for myself but decided to make it available for everyone. From all the preventive PMLE treatments I’ve tried so far, it is the only solution that has reduced 90% of my symptoms and allowed me to fully enjoy a sun vacation for the first time since I was 12 years old. I use Shirudo AGR+E for 6 years now. I can enjoy beach vacations and outdoor activities all year long. I don't have to hide from the sun anymore.

- Eloise Camire,
Founder & PMLE sufferer for 30 years

« Freedom is the most awesome part of a PMLE-free vacation… Be free to stay outside, to play in the water not having to cover from head to toe, enjoying summer and feeling comfortable in your own skin. I really hope you can benefit from this lotion too. »



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Important: Always consult a dermatologist to assure you are suffering from PMLE and no other type of sun related conditions (photoallergic contact dermatitis, solar urticaria, phototoxicity, eczema, etc).