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We want to thank YOU!

1 min read

We want to thank YOU!

What a year! 2014 has been an amazing adventure here at Shirudo. A new website, a UK warehouse, new shipping to five more countries, and all those wonderful reviews and testimonials we got from you. You are truly invested and we love to read and share these amazing stories. Your feedback is the greatest motivation ever.

We have LOTS of projects for 2015 as well. We are working hard improving formulation and packaging and adding more countries to our list. Stay tuned for some great improvements. Coming next is our amazing Spring contest, where we will give away lots of lotion right before summer.

Without your support and feedback, it wouldn't be possible. So again, I just want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

 Warm regards,

Eloise Camire
Founder of Shirudo Cosmetics

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