How to use Shirudo AGR+E  Lotion ?

How to use Shirudo AGR+E Lotion ?

Application recommendation

15 minutes before sun exposure, apply a small (we really mean small) quantity of AGR+E lotion on sun-exposed skin and massage very well until the skin is dry to the touch. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on top. Repeat both every two hours, after swimming or toweling. If you see any piling/flaking effect it's because you use too much. You can also apply Shirudo AGR+E Intensive Night Lotion after night shower for a full night of aftersun and colling effect. 

How much lotion do you need?

A 250ml tube is usually enough for a full week at the beach using all over. But it really depends on the kind of vacation you have; ie a beach holiday requires more lotion than a week of golf. Usually, you need a little less AGR+E lotion than sunscreen for the same period/conditions. Remember only a small quantity of AGR+E lotion is enough, the important is to massage well. If you see any piling, flaking of the lotion it means you use too much or didn't massage well enough.


What sunscreen should you use?

We simply recommend using your regular favorite sunscreen. It’s the reason we develop a lotion without UV protection, so you can keep using the one you love. Our lotion can accommodate any skin type, the region of the world, season and time of day. 

For the past six years, we compiled the most popular sunscreen brands used among PMLE sufferers in the USA and Canada. People tend to use SPF 50 on most sensitive areas or on the first days of exposure, then SPF 30. But the most important is to apply enough and often. The protection index is only good if you use the recommended quantity. Since our lotion is mostly water-based, we recommend sunscreen lotion more than oil-based or spray sunscreens. 

Chemical sunscreens
(Always apply at least 15 minutes prior to exposure)
- Neutrogena Ultra Sheer (with Helioplex)
- La Roche Posay Anthelios
- Coppertone Sport 30 or 50 
- Ombrelle Sport 50
- Ultrasun
- Altruist (only available from EU)
- Ladival (only available from EU)

Mineral sunscreen options (for very sensitive skin, child or baby 6 months +).
They pretty much all leave a white film, instant protection since it’s a physical barrier:
Neutrogena Sheer Zinc SPF 50 
- Blue Lizard
- Aveeno Baby
- Ombrelle baby
- Badger's




What about color ?

Alpha-glucosylrutin is naturally yellow in color and fully hydrosoluble. Use only a small quantity and avoid contact with clothing until the skin is dry to the touch. Should yellow stains occur on clothing, please follow washing instructions. There is no need for special soap to remove stains; simply wash as you would normally do.

Once the lotion applied I have yellow residues all over, what's wrong? 

What you describe could be 3 things: 
- Too much AGR+E lotion applied (it's the most common reason) 
- Massage not vigorous enough, 
- and/or a bad combination with the sunscreen. 
A really small quantity of AGR+E goes a long way. The most important is to massage very well, not the quantity. If a small amount of AGR+E lotion dries on top of your skin, it will create this peeling effect when you rub. It's important to massage until fully absorbed. The skin should be dry to the touch. 
Mineral sunscreens with Zinc or Titanium Dioxide do not mix very well with other lotions, including AGR+E. They can sometimes create this 'flaking' effect alone, the difference is that residues are white. Mixed with our lotion it turns yellow/green. 

What is the shelf life of AGR+E lotion?

When stored in good conditions, the unopened product has a shelf life of two years. Once the product is open, we recommend using lotion in the next five months. Avoid contamination by using the product with clean hands and do not open the tube or touch the product inside.

If you won’t use a whole tube, you can transfer a small quantity in a clean and sanitized amber bottle with a pump or cap for your daily use. Store the original tube in a dark and cool place for better and longer conservation.


The 5 layers white tube will protect lotion from UVs. Keep out of direct sunlight and avoid extreme temperature change. Store in a dark and cool place between 54°F and 77°F .

Do you have sensitive skin?

A very small percentage of people (0.06%) may have an allergic reaction to one of the natural ingredients found in Shirudo AGR+E. As a precaution, please apply a small patch on an unaffected area first to see how your skin reacts. 

Other ways to use Shirudo AGR+E

Shirudo AGR+E is safe to use on your entire body and can be used for more than just PMLE. Some other ways to use Shirudo AGR+E include:

  • For sunburn, shave burn, rash, inflamed or dry skin
  • For mosquito bites or itchy skin
  • As an everyday natural moisturizer


If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to write at and we will promptly answer to the best of our knowledge.

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Julie Fougere

Hi, your lotion is like a miracle for me! I vacation on our sailboat in the Caribbean 2-3 times yearly for the past 15 years. So I’m always exposed to full sun for my entire vacation unless I’m ducking down inside the boat. Before I found your product I used to end up having to sail to an island and go to the ER and be prescribed prednisone to make it through the vacation. Now I simply order before I go, apply it first thing in the morning before applying my sunscreen and I’m good to go ! It’s a total miracle for me !! I only have this problem in the direct sunlight in Caribbean. I do not have reactions here on Cape Cod where I live the rest of the year. I want to thank you for saving my vacations and my skin! So happy 😀

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