How Alpha-Glucosylrutin and Vitamin E naturally sooth Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE)

How Alpha-Glucosylrutin and Vitamin E naturally sooth Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE)

The Best Natural remedies for Polymorphous Light Eruption (PMLE)

If you suffer from PMLE yourself or have seen a loved one suffering from it, you know how hard it can be to go on a winter holiday or face the first few weeks of Spring and Summer. Sun avoidance (avoiding sunlight, wearing long sleeves, pants and hats), topical or oral steroids are often the only recommended solutions by doctors and dermatologists. For most PMLE sufferers broad-spectrum sunscreen alone won’t be enough to prevent the sun rash. PMLE sufferers worldwide are looking for ways to prevent the rash from appearing. 

The natural ingredients no doctors will talk about

Reviewing all studies conducted on PMLE over the past 20 years, it seems one natural remedy is getting very few publicity despite fantastic outcomes. And the best of all is that it is completely natural: Alpha-glucosylrutin and Vitamin E.

Alpha-glucosylrutin, or AGR, is a natural flavonoid modified to become highly water-soluble. It shows strong antioxidant and UV absorption properties and exceptional radical scavenging activity. Alpha Glucosylrutin can help protect the epidermis and dermis against UV-induced damage. Vitamin E is also an antioxidant, making it effective at combating the effects of free radicals and  may be beneficial at reducing UV damage to skin.

The studies

A formulation using both ingredients in a specific concentration combined with a broad spectrum sunscreen have been tested successfully on two different studies. 
The first one conducted by Hadshiew et al tested the efficacy of the formulation  [containing 0.25% alpha-glucosylrutin and 1% tocopheryl acetate (vitamin E)] on thirty patients with a history of PMLE.  Pretreated with the formulation 30 minutes prior to daily UV-A exposure to the upper arms, only one patient developed clinical signs of PMLE in the area treated. In comparison, 62.1% of the placebo-treated areas and 41.3% of the sunscreen-only treated areas showed mild-to-moderate signs of PMLE. The authors suggested that combining a potent antioxidant with a broad-spectrum sunscreen is far more effective in preventing PMLE than sunscreen alone.

Jeanmougin et al then studied the effectiveness of the same formulation under real solar exposure and over a long period (Spring and
Summer). The cream was applied every 2 hours after the first summer exposure. In this study 67% of patients had no eruptions, 19% had minor eruptions, and 13% had severe eruptions of PMLE. The dermatologic assessment was that global efficacy was approximately 80%. 

To us it seems alpha-glucosylrutin and Vitamin E is by far, the best natural approach when dealing with Polymorphous Light Eruption. It seems to prevent the sun rash for most. 

What Is Shirudo AGR+E

Shirudo AGR+E is an exclusive formula combining alpha-glucosylrutin, vitamin E, and other natural moisturizing ingredients proven to work with soothing and relieving itchy skin. All of the natural ingredients found in Shirudo AGR+E actively work to soothe your PMLE rash and protect from the burning sensation and itchy skin. 

Here are a few benefits you can find from using this natural and soothing product.
Reduces inflammation - All of the natural ingredients in AGR+E work together to soothe the skin and bring down inflammation.
Protect the skin - As a strong antioxidant combined with UV-absorption characteristics, Alpha Glucosyrutin can help protect the epidermis and dermis against UV-induced damage.
Cools itches - One of the worst things about PMLE is the relentless itching, and this special formula can help to cool even the most intense rash.
Moisturizes - The unique blend of Shirudo AGR+E get deep within your skin to keep it moist and hydrated

How to manage your PMLE symptoms with Shirudo AGR+E

People who have suffered from PMLE during their lives know that it’s so much more than a simple itch. This condition can keep you awake at night, cause headaches, muscle pain and nausea. The psychological distress is also real. It can cast you away from your family enjoying the outdoor. Because more than 99% of ingredients in Shirudo AGR+E is organic and natural, there’s no need to worry about putting toxic products on your skin, using medication or treating even the youngest members of the family with it. This is one simple and completely organic solution to manage your PMLE all year long without preparation ahead. Use it 15 minutes prior to sun exposure with a broad spectrum sunscreen, and repeat every two hours.

A Natural Solution To the Most Common Sun Allergy

Polymorphous Light Eruption is the most common sun allergy. It can affect 10 to 15% of North-Americans. Shirudo AGR+E has been specifically formulated so that every ingredient has a therapeutic purpose and it will soothe your skin and quickly relieve the itching. If you’ve suffered from PMLE for years and found no relief with medication, phototherapy,  or just want a natural approach for your loved ones, there are so many benefits to be had with the natural formula within Shirudo AGR+E.


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