How to get the most out of Shirudo AGR+E ?

How to get the most out of Shirudo AGR+E ?

Here are a few tips for using Shirudo AGR+E products - so you can get the absolute most out of it. It is based on my own experience as a longtime Polymorphous Light Eruption sufferer and feedback from hundreds of members of our community.

Customers who see the best results follow application instructions to the letter and make sure they don’t fall in one of the most common pitfalls. 

Here are our 5 quick tips…

1. Test it

We go to great lengths to ensure our products are safe and healthy. But anyone can have allergies, so we suggest testing Shirudo on a small area of skin first, just to make sure your skin loves your new product. BUT WAIT! If you really planned your order in advance and your vacation is months away, you better wait before opening your product. Don’t remove the seal. Store it in a clean, dark and cool place until you need it. It assures the antioxidant properties won’t fade away in contact with air and light. Once opened we recommend using our product in the next five months. 


2. Get the timing right 

We recommend to use Shirudo AGR+E and your favorite sunscreen 15 minutes prior to the first sun exposure and to repeat both every 2 hours. The reason is most chemical sunscreen ingredients take 15 minutes to be fully effective. If you wait until you are at the beach for your first application, it's too late. You already got plenty of unprotected exposure. The best moment for the first application if before getting dressed. Make sure you only use a small amount of lotion to one region at a time and massage until fully absorbed. Repeat all over the body.  Wait 2 or 3 minutes and then apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen on top. We have a few sunscreens recommendations here.


3. Don’t get lazy

Time flies away when you are outside enjoying yourself. But no matter what: You must apply Shirudo AGR+E body lotion and sunscreen every 2 hours of sun exposure. I recommend you put a timer on your watch or phone 10 minutes before the 2 hours mark to make sure you don’t miss it. It’s important on the first few days of vacation, but as important on day 7. Don’t think you are cured. Keep up with the routine. 


3. A little goes a long way

Without exception, every Shirudo product is of the utmost quality and designed with a high concentration of ingredients with a strong purpose. It’s not full of fillers. So keep in mind: a little of every product goes a long way. Use sparingly and massage well. If you see any residues, flaking effet, etc, it’s probably because you used too much. Apply a small quantity and massage well until dry to the touch.


4. Experiment

Every PMLE sufferer is different. What’s working for most might not work exactly the same for you. If you see good results but it’s not quite perfect, you might want to modify your routine. For example, apply more often or try to massage the lotion better. You might want to add a night application or use our Intensive Night Lotion for another 12 hours of antioxidant properties. When experimenting, make sure you test on a small area and don't change everything at once. Experiment with one variable at a time or you won't know for sure what's helping or not. 

Hoping these tips will help you get the most out of our lotion. My goal is to help you get the most amazing time outdoor - rash free!

Warm regards,


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