Introducing Shirudo Sol+3 Lotion

Introducing Shirudo Sol+3 Lotion

For the past 2 years, I have been working on an all-in-one lotion for PMLE, combining antioxidants and UV filters, therefore simplifying the application process. After many formulations, tests, beta-testing with some of you, re-test and back to formulation... we finally came up with the final product called Sol+3. It is now ready to ship.

As you might know, antioxidants are the key for most of us PMLE sufferers and what makes a difference in preventing a rash. But we need something strong. Vitamin E lotion from the grocery store won't do.  While doing research for this project with my dear chemist Yves, we found powerful natural antioxidants and some that specifically work on a wider range of light spectrums. We are talking about natural antioxidants, found in nature, but that were not easily sourceable in the past.

The other problem I wanted to address with this formulation is the bad tolerance to high SPF lotion. For many PMLE sufferers, SPF 50 is mandatory to prevent a rash. But with sensitive skin issues, the problem is these formulations can be composed of as much as 40% chemical filters. That is A LOT. These filters are known to cause allergies and adverse reactions for people with sensitive skin. Some PMLE sufferers prefer to use mineral sunscreen, and the tolerance is generally much better. I personally always found the white-cast annoying and most of them really difficult to apply, feeling my pores clogging. I simply never liked how it felt on my skin. Sunscreen should be easy to apply and wear all day long. Most dermatologists will say the best sunscreen is the one you use frequently and generously.

How is Sol+3 different? 
It combines high concentrations of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature, Hydroxytyrosol (from olive extract) and Resveratrol (from grape extract), to protect against the effects of damaging free radicals on skin cells. Scenedesmus rubescens extract, derived from freshwater algae, reduces skin damage caused by blue light and UV.

Remember how much chemical UV filters are used in commercial sunscreen? This is where combining Safflower Oleosomes allows Sol+3 to provide the same protection using four times fewer chemical filters than a commercial SPF 50 sunscreen. It provides great protection and optimal tolerance for sensitive skin. Using fewer UV filters for the same protection is what makes Sol+3 awesome and so comfortable on the skin.

Is Sol+3 a sunscreen?
It contains broad UVA and UVB filters, yes, but technically in order to label this product as a sunscreen with SPF50 in America, we need to run costly tests and register with many entities to be able to write it on the tube. Financially it's something out of reach for now. But I plan to do it as soon as possible. For now, we can only call it "Environmental protection". 


What testers have said about Sol+3

The one-step process is so simple.

The only thing that has eliminated my suffering from PMLE. Used it all throughout last summer and was able to finally join my friends without the umbrella and long sleeves. The one-step process is so simple. Those who deal with PMLE know the itchy, crushing weight of this condition and how if feels like you’re always mourning the loss of something you used to take for granted. This one is literal gold in a bottle for me. Do yourself a favor.
- Brittany Baird - Washington State, USA

Highly recommend
I've used Sol+3 for 5-6 weeks now and loved it immediately. The first week I used it (mid-end of May) I was spending significant time in the sun (3-4 hours per day, 5 days in a row) with UV of 8-9, and no sign of any rash. Before this, I was using Shirudo and Altruist which also had been working (mostly), but with Sol+3, it was the only thing I needed to apply (no additional sunscreen and nothing underneath). No sunburn, no sun rash. Just a light tan. I burned on the back of my shoulder where I didn't apply the lotion. I applied every 2 hours and also immediately after swimming.

This lotion is soft, silky, absorbs super fast, and is the least sticky or heavy suncream I've tried. I normally liked the feel of Altruist but after using this I will not go back to anything else. And even applying layer over layer of this and no peeling effect. Thank you for this amazing product, Shirudo!!!!
Anjulee - Ottawa, Canada

Sun Holiday game changer

I was very fortunate to be part of the beta testing for this new product. Last January I participated in a test of the Sol+3. In Mexico I used the AGR plus my sunscreen on half my body and the Sol+3 on the other half. Great new product. I liked not having to do the two-step, AGR plus screen. It was so easy to apply every two hours. It felt really nice on the skin. It was so easy to apply I almost stopped the half-body experiment but I didn’t. The results were equal on both sides. As usual a very minor showing of PMLE in my trouble spots with lots of sun exposure. Another fantastic product from Eloise and Shirudo!!I’ll be using it going forward!!! Just hope we can go on a suncation this winter. Take care everyone and be safe!!!
Scott - Calgary, Canada

What is the right product for you? 

If you plan a beach holiday, golf trip or outdoor activities in a tropical destination, or simply want to be ready for Spring and Summer: Sol+3 pack small and is the simplest option -  a one-step process.  If you previously used AGR+E day lotion and AGR+E Intensive Night Lotion, I recommend you keep using Shirudo 24h. Since you don't need UV filters at night, we have a Sol+3 Day & Night Set that combines Sol+3 and AGR+E Night lotion. This is what I personally use on my latest Florida vacation and got awesome results. If you plan for more than 5 days at the beach I recommend the Sol+3 value bundle. You apply Sol+3 30 minutes prior to the first sun exposure and then re-apply every 2 hours or after swimming. 

If you are very sensitive, allergic to or simply don't want to use chemical UV filters, you should stick with AGR+E and your favorite mineral sunscreen on top. We still have the AGR+E Day & Night Set and we also have the AGR+E value bundle to save more. 

If you plan to spend hours in the water, none of these options are waterproof. You will slowly be left unprotected with no antioxidant nor UV filters. If you are an avid swimmer, UPF clothing, AGR+E and waterproof sunscreen and AGR+E Intensive night lotion is the best regimen. 


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