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Game changer

This cream has literally revolutionised my life. I can’t thank you enough. I have had the first summer PMLE free in 8 years. I have spent the whole summer out in the sun rather than hiding away indoors with unsightly rashes all over my body. Thank you thank you Shirudo.

I can finally enjoy life outdoor!

This lotion has simply saved my life. I can finally take a stroll with my granddaughter, finally go to the beach and finally enjoy being outside in the sun.
I’ve been using this product for the past 3 month and the results are amazing! I always had an unbearable rash after being exposed to the sun for as little as 10min; but now I can enjoy my day out and I don’t have to suffer anymore
Thank you for these great products! So glad I found them!
Thank you Shirudo!

Anxiety to Excited Enjoyment

I take a lake house vacation every summer and every year, by day 3 I’ve had too much sun exposure and my lower legs are painful, itchy, and covered in a rash. It makes not want to go outside, as additional sun exposure hurts, and I am so uncomfortable . I purchased the lotion with the hopes of it doing what it claims to do and aiding me in enjoying the outdoors during the day. I followed the directions and reapplied just as recommend. First, the lotion was not nearly as thick as I had expected, based on the reviews, it felt silky and went on easily. Second, a little goes a long way. Third, I applied my sunscreen on top of the lotion. To my absolute pleasure after long days outside and in the water, I do not have a single rash, bump, splotch mark or any pain from the sun. I am overjoyed with how well the lotion works. Honestly, before Shirudo lotion, I had anxiety leading up to any beach/lake vacation, or just too much sun exposure in general. Now, I’m excited about sunny days and being outdoors. Thank you!

I was finally able to enjoy a beach vacation!

I've dealt with PMLE for the past 10 years or so and it's gotten to the point where once the sun gets stronger around May I can't even walk the dog without breaking out in bumps on my arms and chest. I'm usually miserable by midway through the week at the beach every summer. But this year, thanks to Shirudo, I was able to enjoy the entire week at the beach last week, with temps of over 100 degrees some days, sitting outside from 10 am - 3 pm and didn't get a single bump. I came home with a nice, even tan not looking like I have some horrific skin disease all over me like I always have in past years. I wish I had found this product sooner!

Game Changer

I have been struggling with PMLE (PLE) for a number of years. Nothing seems to help, in fact, my flare-ups get worse every year. A few days in the sun, even when slathered with sunscreen, yielded awful, itchy, painful rashes. Vacations with my daughter started to become full of anxiety. They often ended up with me feeling extremely uncomfortable from the rash, foggy from taking Benadryl, and avoiding the sun. I have tried every type of sunscreen (with my melanin-rich skin looking like Casper the ghost). I have spent so much time reapplying them religiously.
The AGR+E lotion has been a miracle worker for my skin. I put it to the test on a 7-day beach vacation. I used it every day under my sunscreen (chemical and physical). Using this lotion, combined with avoiding the hottest part of the day and smart aftersun skincare, kept me mostly breakout free. I had a much smaller-than-usual flare-up on day #2 that wasn't as angry, extensive, or itchy as it normally would be (to be fair, I did extend past that 2-hour window for reapplication my first day at the beach). This all cleared up nicely and was so much more tolerable than ever before. The rest of the trip went amazingly well. I am so thankful that I came upon this company during my research. I am ecstatic that this product worked!

Amazing! Wish I discovered sooner

Finally at 30 years old, I can enjoy beach days without worrying about breaking out in a painful rash on my chest and arms. Just a small amount is needed before sunscreen.

Good so far!

I've been using Shirudo for the past month. Applying Shirudo under my sunscreen, I was able to go swimming for 4 hours and not have a break out. It's been life changing so far! Amazing stuff!

So far so good!

I have been using this lotion for almost one month now and have had great success. I usually break out in bumps from sun exposure on my chest, upper arms and hairline. Since applying this before sun exposure and my sunscreen I have had NO breakout in these areas! Amazing!

Life changing.

This stuff is life changing. My dad and I both have PMLE. Last night we were commiserating about how awful the itching and bumps were. I told him about Shirudo and how I had now used it a couple times and NO BUMPS & NO ITCHING!

I’m a few weeks into summer and my chest doesn’t have any PMLE spots! Before I found Shirudo, I had a break out but even those have gone away which is a miracle. In the summer my chest is typically covered all summer long. I literally call them my perma-polys, but not this year!

I’m so freaking grateful for this product and I ordered my dad a bottle too. Don’t hesitate - just buy it. I wish I’d found this years ago.

Has been helpful

I have used the AGR+E for a few weeks now. I apply it about 15-20 minutes before going outside; and before I put on sunscreen. When I ordered it my skin was nearly raw in some places and very itchy. The moment I applied it my skin was soothed. What I like about the lotion is that it is moisturizing. Some lotions become dry, but not this one. What I don't like about it is that it leaves a yellow sticky residue when the sunscreen is applied. My skin is improving, however I still have gotten rashes and itch although I've applied the AGR+E lotion as directed. I'm going to blame it on the sunscreen and continue to give this a try... I have read that sunscreens with high amounts of zinc oxide are better for people with PMLE. My sunscreen possibly didn't have enough zinc oxide...After doing more research I will also purchase the night lotion, as I think that's what my skin needs. Hopefully those options will work. I do believe that this lotion has kept me from the severe skin rashes and sunburns I once had. I recommend that others give it a try.

Amazing Product!!!

I have lived with PLME for most of my life and have never had relief from this horrible affliction until I discovered Shirudo’s AGR cream. I Have been to numerous dermatologist, as well I have been misdiagnosed with everything from sweets syndrome to Lupus. I have taken steroids both topical and oral. The last meditation I took was hydroxychloroquine. Since I have discovered AGR cream I have not seen another prescription. The relief and duration of my flare ups have been a but a fraction of what was. Thank you Shirudo, I wouldn’t recommend anything else for those suffering with PLME

No rash

I have had no PMLE breakouts since using Shirudo AGR+E lotion. I have layered this with sunscreen and couldn’t be happier. I had a terrible PMLE rash just the week before I started using it. I am so happy.

I think it worked!

I am unsure of whether I have PMLE or heat rash but I have been suffering for 12 years. This in combination with a new sunscreen I was trying and I was actually able to enjoy my vacation down south and get a tan! I still had some bumps behind my knees but applying Shirudo didn’t make it any worse. I am now using the leftover cream as a moisturizer and its great. Won’t be travelling without it now :)

Thank you!

I have been using your product (with great results), for a couple years now and was headed out for another Mexican vacation with an older tube of Shirudo in tow! After a few days in the sun, and using the product with my regular sunscreen, I started getting the familiar itchy red bumps on my stomach and chest. Thankfully I had purchased a new tube of Shirudo which I started using in place of the older tube and within two days the bumps and irritation were GONE and never returned for the remainder of my two week stay.
I won’t travel without it ever again!!

So far no further outbreaks!

I had my first polymorphic light eruption outbreak a couple months ago while in Hawaii. Everything was great until day 4 when my arms, back and legs erupted in a rash and petechia. I was embarrassed and miserable and didn’t know what was happening until I did a little research. I’m 47 yrs old and have lived in Alaska the last 13 years. I used to visit Vegas 2-3 times a yr and Hawaii a couple times a yr and never had any issues in the sun before. It wasn’t until I realized I had literally not been to a sunny place in exactly one year to the week that it made sense. It took about two weeks for the rash and petechia to clear and I had to take oral steroids and antihistamines as well as topical steroids. I came across shirudo while researching pmle and ordered some as I have two more trips to Hawaii planned in the next six months. I’ve only used shirudo so far in the tanning bed while trying to “harden” my skin, but so far so good! Thank you shirudo as I’m praying that I can continue to be exposed to UV rays without an outbreak!
Ansley Carter
Anchorage, Alaska


I’ve had PMLE for 13 years, I love travelling to hot sunny countries which is where I suffer the most, my PMLE has in recent years got worse as the rash has increased in size and I’ve developed rashes over the spring and summer in England too which I never used to. I’ve tried a lot of different products and so I was sceptical at first. However, this is the FIRST time I’ve been rash free and been able to enjoy the sun without any irritation or worry! I first tried Shirudo with La Roche Posay on top when I travelled to Venice for a few days early summer as test, a mild rash appeared, but did not last as long as it would have done if not for Shirudo. Also I missed a couple of applications and therefore the mild rash appeared. Back in England, we had a hot sunny summer and I developed a severe rash as I did not use Shirudo at all. My big test with Shirudo was my 2 week trip to Barbados I have been many times and therefore know how bad my rash can get, I followed the instructions carefully and made sure I was always on top of my application routine. I was rash free throughout my entire holiday, I am soo happy that I have finally found a product I know really works, it’s an absolute miracle product. I certainly would recommend this to anyone who has PMLE and I will never be without it.


Lotion is a life saver!! Without it my PMLE would ruin my skin. Can't thank you enough for producing this product!

Sweet relief

I've been suffering with polymorphous light eruption since I was 6 years old. I went to many allergen tests and nobody could ever figure out what it was I have it fairly severely and get water blisters from it did it on my face and on my arms and shoulders and chest the best they could tell me was contact dermatitis to an unknown allergy. I didn't figure out what it was until I was 19 and my campus doctor at my college just so happen to be a dermatologist and she wanted to take a picture for a scrapbook because of the severity of it being fairly rare though the condition is more common than people think. The best doctors could do for me was prednisone and hydroxyzine and the Prednisone side effects were intolerable for me I had it the worst I ever had it that year and that's what I found shirudo that was nine years ago. their product is just beginning to be marketed then and I thought I'd give it a try. Combined with sunscreen and UV blocking clothes when necessary with a slow exposure plan to harden the skin managed to make me able to live my life again. I'm a very Avid gardener and an outdoor person in general and it was ruining my life it's a very painful condition and it burns more than itches for me. Every Spring I let it flush out really bad just once. Then I treated with this product but I always wear a hat when I'm outside because I can't handle having it on my lips not to mention uv-blocking chapstick. I can't suggest these AGR products enough. They feel great too

Life changing

This product has significantly changed my life and the way I interact with the outdoors. I have had zero serious outbreaks since I started using Shirudo's AGR+E lotion in combination with only a 15 SPF sunscreen more than two years ago! A quick application of both before heading outdoors (although it does need to be pretty strictly reapplied every 2 hours or directly after a swim, for example) and the stress of worrying about an outbreak as soon as I feel the sun on my skin is gone. I can't say how much this product has meant to me in how I feel about summers again! Absolutely recommend.


This is my first summer using the lotion. My PMLE has gradually gotten worse over the 4 years Ive had it. I love being in the sun, so it was certainly worth the try. It works! However, I will be in the sun on the beach for hours, and I did still break out, but nothing like if I didn't use the lotion. It really does work and I notice any rash is gone quicker. On a day of normal sun exposure, it works 100%.

Worked for me

I was only diagnosed with PMLE last year after suffering a horrendous reaction for the first time in my life last May. I’ve always loved the sun and take a great tan on holiday and I love my sunshine breaks so had to do some research to find a cure as not going in the sun wasn’t an option for me. I found out about this after some online searches. I ordered it and for it delivered to my hotel in America where I was on holiday but now they have a warehouse in the uk which is great news. Anyway, I used this on holiday and it’s been amazing! I didn’t put it on my feet the first day and my feet broke out but my legs didn’t. I then made sure I used it on my feet and didn’t have any further breakouts. I had a small breakout of 3 spots on my arms whilst using it but nothing on my chest which are the parts most exposed to the sun! I was happy with that compared to what I’d experienced previously without it and I just made sure I applied more to that area and kept it topped up if I went for a swim. I’m about to purchase the night cream and hope this will help with the small spots on my arms but I was able to be in the sun without the horrid breakout. I’ll be putting it to the test again in Turkey later this year. I was also using Eucerin sun allergy protection spf 50 on top of this and this seemed to help me stay rash free! Worth the money as it means you are able to enjoy your holiday and not have to stay in the shade.

Best product ever!

I can enjoy the outdoors with my family again, so glad I found this product!!

Works for me

I started getting heat rashes when I went to the beach which was very frustrating. Searched around and found AGR + E and have been using it several weeks before and during beach visits. It works!! Finally can love the beach again❤️

Gave my life back

I have PMLE so bad my arms, legs and chest will breakout in the matter of an hour. I live in the one of the most sot after vacation ares in BC, so we get out side a lot. I've been using this product for years and went form hiding inside or the shade watching friends and family having fun to being right in it. Now i have two young boys it's great I can go out and enjoy the day with them anytime I want. I highly recommend this product to anyone. You just need to follow the instructions and go enjoy life again. :)

Outbreak free !

This is the second time that I am writing a review about using Shirudo Moisturizing Lotion. The form of PMLE that I had was so severe that I reacted to the sun at any time of year, through glass, reflected off of water or snow, through clothing that was not heavy enough etc etc. I really don't know if I am as sensitive as I used to be since I did not have an outbreak during the hot and sunny summer of 2018, at all.!! I was able to carry on normal activities by wearing Shirudo as directed under a sunblock but... always keeping my skin covered with fabric as well. I have not gone so far as to test my skin to see if I can dispense with that yet or not. Last year, for the first time since I was diagnosed with PMLE in the 80's, , there was no need to take any steroids at all. Fingers crossed for this year.

It worked!

So I’ve been suffering from pmle for a year or so now. Pretty upsetting for a sun worshiper like me. I found out about this cream from skimming forums for pmle online, and figured I’d give it a shot.
You couldn’t get a sample, which was a little upsetting, as it’s pretty pricey stuff. I still had to try it, there was so many good reviews from pmle sufferers, so I ordered the 100ml, and decided to try it in a tanning bed prior to our trip to Jamaica, and it definitely helped keep the rash away. I applied it wherever I was breaking out, and then went to the salon, applied my lotion and got in the bed. I am currently in the process of ordering a 250ml tube, to bring with me to go to Jamaica and will be confident I’ll actually be able to enjoy my trip, and not have to hide from the sun.

Complete Game Changer

I've suffered with PMLE for over 20 years, meaning I'd have to stay out of the sun while the rest of the family enjoyed their summer activities on holiday.

I tried the lotion for the first time on a holiday to Tenerife recently and am happy to report that this is a complete game changer. Using it as directed I was able to stay out in the sun and actually got some tanning for the first time in years. It was lovely to feel the sun's rays on my body after so long.

I got a very small PMLE outbreak on my chest on day three but this was quickly contained and did not last. It didn't itch like before and was gone in a day or so.This was completely different to previous experiences where the uncomfortable rash would stay for a couple of weeks and get worse if exposed to the sun. This time I was able to resume sun exposure with no progression or ill effects.
I started using the night cream once the small rash appeared and it quickly helped sort it. I should probably have used it from the start.

Since returning from Tenerife, I've also been out in the sun enjoying the UK's Easter mini heatwave and this time I used both the lotion and the night cream from day one, as directed and I've had no outbreak at all despite being out in the hot sun for many hours for three days straight.

I'm now sure that if I use the AGR+E lotion in the sun with a sunscreen, then the night lotion as an after sun cream, I've now found the total solution!

Thank you Shirudo, I've just ordered another batch!

A Must have for a comfortable summer!!

This is my 2nd year purchasing and I’m so happy with this product! I was absolutely miserable on all vacations previously itchy rash dominated my vacation. I basically would have to cover up my arms after about 4days in the sun and it was ruining vacation.
This stuff was amazing! I happened to actually break out prior to vacation and got this to try and it helped even reduce the time I had my rash. Then while on vacation I used religiously and no rash! Got the night lotion for extra portion the 2nd go round to see if that helps cool things down and perhaps give added protection for the next day..since it has more ARG+E in it.

I did have a issue on the 2nd to last day while I was waiting for it to “dry” my wet swimsuited niece asked me to hold her and her wet bottom wiped all the shirudo off my one arm. That night I had a severe rash only on that arm. Haha it was my own fault but I knew the shirudo was working up until that point. 😊

So glad this product is available. Wish it was less expensive as I am on disability and have to budget my money. Because this is an item I NEED for a comfortable summer.. ❤️

Day and night cream combo is a Game Changer

This is my 2nd time using the day cream and my first time using the night cream. It is also the first time in 20 years that I have come back from a sun filled vacation with no eruption from my polymorphis light sensitivity. Last year I only used the day cream and had eruptions on my 4th day (although lighter than without the cream), this time using the night cream seemed to be the game changer......I am thrilled with the product and the results.

3rd purchase

This is my 3rd purchase and as previously the product has worked really well for me. I have just returned from 3 weeks in South East Asia and had no eruptions and a lovely tan! Thank you.

Amazing product, brought me so much life back

Last year april I could not walk to the car, even with sunscreen, or I would have rash afterwards. With the lotion I can go out so much more now, it really gave so much quality of life back. I even went on a holiday to Spain in oktober last year (no sun bading and still careful but it's so much more than before). Thank you Eloise and team, you guys change lifes!!

My third year purchasing

Every year when I travel to Florida for a winter vacation I have suffered from the uncomfortable, itchiness of the PMLE rash. I have been getting this rash since I was a young child as I always travel down south to visit my snowbird grandparents. I have tried everything under the sun and seen many doctors to try and ease the symptoms. 3 years ago, I was researching to understand the process of the rash a bit more and came across Shirudo cosmetics. I was skeptical as it was expensive and I wasn۪t sure if it would even help. This being said, I ordered it in desperation to try anything. I was in Florida for a total of 5 days and I applied the lotion as recommended every 2 hours. Let me tell you, I was actually able to enjoy the sun! I could sit out by the pool and tan, go for walks, go for bike rides etc. Now, applying the lotion is a little annoying as you have to do it so often so my last day in Florida I did not wear any... after about 30 mins in the sun I was covered in the rash. I don۪t care how annoying it is to apply it is not nearly as annoying and uncomfortable as the rash! I understand it doesn۪t work for everyone but it really works for me! I used it again last year with the same results and just ordered it again for my vacation coming up this year!

Very happy!!

I have suffered from the bumps An rash for 30 years ,ever since my last child was born .Everything I tried didn’t work ,I love going to the south for vacation.But not hiding from the sun .I got shielding an started to use it with my per tanning like I always have to pre tan .Good results.Went to Jamaica An didn’t have feet an arms that looked like raw meat.Win !!!!! So glad I found this for my getaways ,I will be taking it with me on my trip to Cuba in April 😊

Changed my life!

I have used this product on two beach vacations in the past year. I am overjoyed with results. Previously, I used a sunblock with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, or wore head-to-toe clothing with 100 SPF protection because any sun exposure resulted in a rash or hives within minutes. While using AGR+E with a 50 SPF, I was able to wear a bathing suit or shorts and a t-shirt. I was thrilled to walk on the beach and go swimming during daylight hours. Thank you for this amazing product!

Just gets better every year!!!!

My lack of PLME reactions just keeps getting better every year with the use of AGR+E. I use it just as directed, thin layer with sunscreen over top every two hours. Take it easy the first few beach days and avoid midday direct sun. The last two winter trips I also started using a screen with protection from IRA (infrared-A). This combined with a daily regular Vitamin D(10 drops per day) and a really good multi Vitamin has made all the difference in the world. Using the AGR+E made the biggest difference before the tweaks above.
Fantastic product!!! Saved my winter vacations.
Thank You!!!!

Worth every penny!!!

I۪ve been going to Aruba for 11 years and this was the first time I had used this product, and I will never go on vacation without it again!!! I would suffer from a horrible rash by the second day of my vacation and this product works!! Not only was it easy but it delivered exactly what it promises!!! I actually got a tan and didn۪t have to spend time avoiding the sun as I usually do on my vacation! I highly recommend it and will be a loyal customer for years to come!!! I۪m also trying other products since this was a life saver!!!! Thank you Shirudo!!!


No more PMLE problems after this! Finally! i just got back from Mexico with no issue at all!

Great Product

In the past my sun exposed skin was moderately photosensitive. Mostly on my arms. But....No More...thanks to AGR+E I've never had another flare up.
So easy to use this product to help me better enjoy the outdoors.

Wow what a difference

So for years I have had this horrible rash every time I went on vacation! Always only on my arms sometimes my shoulders but it would be all tingly to touch- kinda like having your legs fall asleep but only on your skin, plus it۪s super itchy! Ugh made vacation absolutely horrible!! Well I always thought it was either something in the ocean or sun poisoning. Well it is sort of.. haha and this stuff is absolutely amazing! My vaca this year was sooo much better!! Tho one day it got rubbed off on one arm unbeknownst to me..cuz I picked up/was holding a wet niece. That arm ended up with the rash plus blisters but the other arm was perfectly fine. So I know it works! Thanks for making it! And thanks for the discounts at the end of the summer it really helps me out!

Where have you been all my life?!

This product has been amazing for me! I've suffered from PMLE all my life and every summer I've previously been miserable with bumpy red rashes, having to cover up and stay out of the sun. This summer has been the hottest on record in the UK and usually this would see me running for shade, however by using this Shirudo lotion, I was able to fully enjoy the sunshine! You must reapply every 2 hours and use sunscreen but that was no bother for me as it meant I could stay outside!
I've just ordered another bottle as we're going on holiday in a few weeks and it's well worth the money. I've read a few complaints about the shipping fee, but that's exactly what it is, the money doesn't go to Shirudo. Shipping costs what it costs. Yes the lotion maybe a tad pricey, but think of the research that's gone into this and the fact that it's the only cream to actually help PMLE. Thank you so much for creating this product, it's well and truly made the sun something to enjoy again!

Miracle Worker!

The first time I experienced PMLE, I thought I had an allergic reaction to my sunscreen because I have pretty sensitive skin. My doctor put me on steroids, doubled my dose of cetirizine, and added in ranitidine in order to get rid of the itchy, red rash all over my chest and arms. In December, I traveled to Hawaii and experienced the same rash using a different sunscreen. After discussing it with my allergist, we decided it was PMLE, and he told me there wasn't much that could be done. I found Shirudo online from a few bloggers and took a chance. ORDER THIS IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCE. Use as directed, and it helps significantly.

Was skeptical, but now won't go to the beach without it!

Since I was 15 I would always get an itchy rash on my arms and chest at the beach. It was annoying and I would resort to putting on a higher spf hoping that would work, but would still get bumps. I bought this lotion and apply it before I go to the beach, topped with SPF 15. Its now July and I (knock on wood) have not gotten one rash the entire summer so far. Its amazing. I didn't think it would work for me but it has. i'm able to lay out in the sun and tan with zero bumps. It's worth the money. I will be buying many more bottles of this. The lotion has a funny smell- but well worth it.

Moi allergique au soleil, c'est fini !

Pas facile enfant de rester sous le parasol et d'etre tartiner de creme solaire qui n'empeche pas les plaques d'apparątre ? Et le soir, la nuit, ca gratte et personne ne comprends et rigole que ca peut pas etre si pire.... Bah si. La varicelle en pire... Maintenant que je suis adulte, ma peau est tann̩e je "bronze' = mes taches de rousseur s'etalent ! Mais l'allergie persiste, sur le decolt̩, les bras et le pire les chevilles et le dessus des pieds... Alors en France j'avais trouv̩ cette cr̬me Xx qui fonctionnait mais IMPOSSIBLE trouver au Canada ou je suis maintenant install̩e... J'ai cherch̩, h̩sit̩ la commander en ligne sur A... Mais quand j'ai vu le prix plus de $100 j'ai renonc̩ et l en fouillant bien j'ai trouv̩ des revues sur Shirudo. Prix raisonable, je me suis laiss̩ tenter et j'avais rien perdre part l'achat de la creme... Et... Et.... Apres 3ans d'utilisation.. OUI je n'ai plus de "lucite b̩nigne solaire" comme dirait le dermato... Entre nous b̩nigne c'est que l'auteur de ce terme n'y a jamais ̩t̩ confront̩.... Bref, je mets de la cr̬me avamt d'aller au soleil, pas trop pour ne pas faire une double peau... Je complete par une creme soleil et hop prot̩g̩e ! Pareil pour mes enfants, c'est un reflexe... Et cette ann̩e je vais tenter le stick pour voir si ca calme mon visage ! A suivre !

Wow! I can go on vaca without worry!

I recently found out I have a sun allergy (PMLE) 2weeks before leaving for a beach vacation!! I have just dealt with the horrible itchy rash for years thinking it was a reaction to ocean waters. I found this lotion browsing for some PMLE help since I will be out in the sun a lot for vacation. I tried it out the day after I got it in the mail. I already had a little PMLE rash started but was going to be out in the tried it. This lotion not only took the rash I had away but I didn۪t get it when I was in the sun! It was absolutely amazing!!! Just the greatest feeling to know I may have an itch/rash free vacation! Sooo happy with this fantastic product! Will be buying again! (Though I do think it is a bit pricey.. it۪s the only thing that works, so.. )

This lotion is a miracle!

Just in the last 2 years I have become sun sensitive and began breaking out in red itchy rashes with too much sun. I have always worn sunscreen so I knew it wasn't sunburn. I quickly realized I had PMLE and started researching how to best treat it. I even saw a dermatologist who acted like she had never heard of PMLE and ignored me when I talked about it. I was starting to get very depressed about not being able to go to the beach or play in the pool with my kids. I saw the amazing reviews for this lotion so I ordered it. I kept my expectations low because I didn't want to be disappointed if it didn't work for me. I applied a very thin layer and let it dry. Then I applied my sunscreen. I did this twice daily my entire week at the beach. I got a golden tan! No rashes and no sunburn! Amazing!!! I am so thrilled with this product I want to shout it from the rooftops!!! Thank you for making this product, please don't stop!

Life Changing

I have suffered from PMLE for the last 10 years, getting worse every year. I was skeptical but had heard about Shirudo and actually had it rush-shipped to be before a trip to FL this spring. My skin had not seen the sun since last summer and I was worried about even a short amount of time in the sun. I followed the instructions, applied it every 2 hours with sunscreen and was amazed by the results. I did get a small rash on my hands and feet, not sure if I didn't apply enough there but no rash on my arms and shins. I will be using this product from now on and am so thankful for Shirudo! I will also be looking into other products as they must be good.

A miracle

After 27 years of not being able to stay in the sun without paying the consequences, it۪s done!!! I saw probably 10 dermatologists for my allergies and no one ever talked to me about this cream. I found it on a forum somewhere unexpected. Fortunately I am part of the 80% that gets results. Not one little rash after 8 days in the sun... nothing! I am ecstatic! Thank you, you literally changed my life.


This is the most amazing stuff ever! Thus spring I've layed out twice before purchasing this and got my horrible rash that I usually get. Did some more research and found this! I was skeptical I've tried other lotions and they did not work and this one is a little pricey but totally worth it I laid out by the pool today and did not have any signs of a rash! I am so happy to finally enjoy the sun again!

Amazing Product!

I grew up in the desert but have been living in Montreal for over 30 years. I travel to visit my family every year in the spring or early summer. In the past several visits once I put on shorts I would break out in red blotches that at times were both itchy and painful. I tried different crams and sun-screens but nothing seemed to work. I did know know it was a sun allergy at first. Once determined I began looking for specif creams and this year I discovered Shirudo! I followed the instructions and experimented with different sun-screens. It has taken a few times in the sun with a mild rash but now I can expose the skin for an hours with no rash! I am convinced that this Shirudo cream works wonders!!


I breakout in PMLE every summer, which I have always just delt with it. But... when I take vacations to sunny destinations it becomes unbearable. So glad I found this product. I found and ordered shirudo after i had already broke out in PMLE so i can not give a review on the prevention. I used shirudo when I was in Puerto Vallarta, definitely helped with the itching, pain, and inflamation. Once I got on the plane to head home, it was nearly gone. Which typically would have taken at least a week without shirudo. Looking forward to testing out how it works with prevention this summer. Thank you!

No longer scared of the sun!

I have had PMLE for 4 years and it gradually got worse every year. My husband and I have travelled to the tropics every year and I just couldn۪t take it any longer...I was legitimately scared to be in the sun. After doing some research, I found this product and it is absolutely AMAZING. I took it on a trip to Barbados and placed it under spf 30 sunscreen - no hives, no bumps, no rash, no ITCHING. To my pleasant surprise, I even got a tan! I will never take a vacation without this lotion again!

I can finally enjoy the beach!

First time in a cruise 2010, as soon as I got home 5 days later I have this horrible rash behind arm, all over my legs, back and itchy, burning, raised rash! dealt with this until 2015 diagnose with PMLE only because I told the dermatologist I think this is what I have? anyhow... I recommend this product 200% to all the sun sensitivity sufferers and also to all the non sensitivity sun sufferers! GREAT PRODUCT! I purchased in 2015 and now 2018 going to purchase again even though I have less than 1/2 a bottle of 8 oz inside my beach bag :)

Love this product!!

I have had PMLE for 25 years and I have finally found something that works. My reaction to the sun has gotten worse in the last few years. The last vacation we took in the summer left my skin that was exposed to the sun covered in bumps and red, my face swollen, and my arms completely covered in blisters and it took over a month to completely heal. I researched it before vacation this time and found this lotion. I applied this lotion first. I then used Vanicream SPF 50+ which was recommended by my allergist. I am allergic to other sunscreen. I also took a Claritin 10 MG every morning which was recommended by my Lyme Literate doctor. I had absolutely no reaction at all to the sun for the first time in many years. I would recommend this to anybody with PMLE.

so glad I found this product!

I've been using Agr+e lotion on Sun holidays since I came across it 3years ago.Its the best thing ever! My Pmle has been there since I can remember and holidays in the sun have always been fraught with managing the rash while still trying to enjoy was really miserable a lot of the time! Using Agr+e has meant a lot less stress in the sun.I find with proper application I get a lot less rash and it takes longer for my skin to react to the sun. It's a fantastic product and I'll keep on buying it every summer holiday.! Bravo to Eloise and the Shirudo team..I for one am really grateful for this wonderful product.


I went to sunny Hawaii for 11 days and I used this product...amazing! No spots or blisters covering my hands, legs and feet. This is the first holiday in 15 years where I havent been covered in a rash and in agony! Definitely worth every penny! Thank you for creating such a fantastic product! I honestly cant thank you enough!