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Shirudo product reviews

Here are some reviews about AGR+E antioxidant lotion.

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«I hope everyone with PMLE hears about this.

I have had PMLE for 15 years. My 20 something kids have it as well, but after a few breakouts in early summer, they are fine. Not so with me, I even breakout on my hands when driving on sunny winter days. I was very skeptical of the AGR+E lotion, but was desperate to find something that worked. I am happy to report that it does work. You do have to reapply as directed, which is sometimes hard to do! But if you follow directions, it really works! I have spent 3 weekends in a row outside in sunny conditions, plus time in the car (which causes breakouts for me, as well), and I am rash-free. I hope everyone with PMLE hears about this and orders, it will bring them joy and hopefully bring the price down--although it is worth every penny!»

- Lorraine,
Houghton - USA


«Worth every penny to feel normal in the sun!

I have been using Shirudo for a month or so now and the results have been amazing. I can sit in the sun all day with not one inch of rash appearing. Incredible! Worth every penny to feel normal in the sun!»

- Guy, Bedford
- United Kingdom


«Perfect week in Turks & Caicos!

It was amazing!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I got a rash on the very last day because I didn’t keep up with my sunscreen. Perfect week in Turks & Caicos!!»

- Shannon,
Newmarket - Canada


«Life Changing!

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your product AGR+E. It literally is life changing. Having suffered from very aggressive PLE for five years, I was filled with dread at the thought of going on holiday, let alone on holiday to a wedding abroad but that was the situation so I had to find a remedy. After hours of searching online reading forums and social media sites I stumbled across a product called AGR+E. Agreeably the name is not easy to remember but the result definitely is. I have recently returned from three weeks in up to 42 degree sunshine, spending up to 8 hours a day in the sun but for the first time in five years showed no symptoms of PLE. To go from not being able to even spend a few hours in my garden without getting a reaction to being able to actually sunbathe, really is life changing! I think this will be the answer to a lot of peoples prayers. Thank you. »

- Rebecca,
Brentwood Essex - United Kingdom

«I'm beyond grateful for this lotion.

This lotion has been amazing for me! After the birth of my first child in 2010 my skin changed and I developed a red itchy rash which I later learned was a sun allergy. I am a beach girl through and through and summer is my favorite season but after this rash developed I began to dread the summer months. As an active mom of 3 little ones 5 and under this was horrible for me. We were planning a Disney trip for May of 2015 and my research began for a cure for this debilitating allergy. I stumbled upon this lotion and read all the reviews. I decided it couldn't hurt to try and ordered 2 bottles. On day two of our trip mid day the rash started to rear its ugly head. I used a baby wipe to completely wipe off and air dry my skin and reapplied followed by sunscreen. I'm happy to report that that fixed the issue and that was my only flare up during our 2 week vacation in the sun. I'm beyond grateful for this lotion. It's completely life changing to me. I no longer dread the sun anymore and am looking forward to having a more normal summer again. Thank you!!! »

- Vanessa,
Battle Creek - USA


«Love this miracle product!

I just recently had problems with getting a rash from being out in the sun and it was miserable. I thought I could never get a tan again but this product really works! I put the AGR+E lotion on before sunscreen in the morning before going outside to the beach or pool and it lasted all day. I wasn't in and out of the water and drying off a lot so if you will do that during the day I suggest reapplying it like it says on the bottle. The smell is a little weird but goes away after sunscreen and is WELL WORTH IT. It was amazing how i didn't get a rash at all! Love this miracle product!»

- Alexa,
Croydon - USA


«I am very impressed.

So far so good. I have used the AGR+E lotion every time I took my kids to the pool. I did not get a rash except for the one day that I exceeded the reapplication time. It worked from the first use. I am very impressed. The next test is using it next month at the beach.»

- Heather,
Warminster - USA

«So happy.

Loved the product! So happy I can finally enjoy beach vacations again! Just got back from Hawaii and finally had a "normal" vacation without worrying about whether or not I would break out in rashes! It worked so well for me and I highly recommend it if you suffer from polymorphic light eruption. Thank you Shirudo! »

- Amanda,
Mississauga - Canada


«If you suffer with PMLE you have to try this product

I am never usually moved so much by a product to make me take time out to write a review but I really must with this wonderful cream! Since my late 20s every holiday I took has been marred by the worst rash, unsightly bumps and me being generally miserable by around day five! I always thought it was prickly heat and was resigned to just accepting it as part of my holiday. I tried everything: anti-histamines, factor 50, drinking lots of water, calamine lotion you name it. I googled my symptoms and realized that perhaps I may have a sun allergy. It's so bad that the itching and scarring can carry on for months after I return home. I was desperate and would have tried anything! Nothing ventured, nothing gained - I ordered the lotion last minute and it arrived the day before my holiday, I needed to change my delivery address last minute and the staff at Shirudo were very helpful in doing this for me. It's very easy to apply and you just put your sun cream over the top and that's it. I am amazed - I had the tiniest bit of itching on my thighs but my anti-histamines took that away and that was it! Normally my thighs, arms, chest, neck, back of knees and even my face are burning, itching, scratched to the point of bleeding so to just have a tiny little patch on my thighs I could live with no problem. I'd say that 99% of my symptoms were gone! I will definitely purchase again. The only gripe I have is that it would be nice to be able to order bottles in 100ml as I had to decant the cream into three separate bottles as I only took hand luggage with me on holiday but that's no biggy really! If you suffer with PMLE you have to try this product. It's honestly helped me so much and taken away the dread from my holidays - you shouldn't dread time in the sun for goodness sake! Thank you so much. I love it! »

- Alexis,
Manchester - United Kingdom


«Big thumbs up from me :-)

I purchased a bottle of Shirudo for my 2 week holiday in Florida after reading the great reviews. Having suffered with PLE from being young I desperately wanted to find something that would ease the symptoms of bumpy, angry, hot to touch patches all over my body that would appear on day 3, without fail, on any sun holiday. I would end up having a miserable time away until my skin settled and started to tan, but this would be anything from 10-14 days before it calmed fully. I applied Shirudo as directed on the label and I definitely saw an improvement, the rash did appear but only on my arms, thighs, chest and stomach but this was manageable to the point where I could still sunbathe comfortably! I didn't get the urge to itch and when applied as an after sun I saw the rash reduce within half an hour. The rash dissipated fully within 5 days, half the time it would usually take. I will definitely buy again and would recommend to any other PLE sufferers. Whilst it didn't stop the rash appearing, without doubt it was less apparent, my husband even commented and said it's no where near as bad as I've seen it on previous holidays! Result, this lotion does work! Thank you team Shirudo for coming up with a cream that's natural too. Big thumbs up from me :-)»

- Verity,
Oldham - United Kingdom


«At first the price seemed like a lot..

This is my second bottle of Shirudo lotion. This stuff is absolutely indispensable now in the warmer months. I've had PMLE for ten years now, but three years ago it got out of control, covering my arms and legs with a red and extremely itchy rash, like chicken pox, after exposing my skin to the sun in the spring. It would last over two months, the itchiness waking me all night long and the scratching left my skin bloody and raw. Until then, I actually didn't know I had this condition but it got so bad I dove into research and soon discovered what was occurring. The next challenge was finding any of the scarce treatment options that actually work. There is little known about PMLE despite it being fairly common. I found mention of Shirudo through a PMLE forum (don't recall which one) and decided to give it a try. At first the price seemed like a lot but when I found out how much this stuff relieves PMLE I realized I would've likely paid a lot more for it to live freely in the summer without a rash covering 70% of my body. Plus not a whole lot of it is needed with each application-especially if treatment is started at the first signs of the rash. [...] I'm super relieved to have found it and I will be a customer as long as this condition effects me.»

- Corinne,
Chicago - USA



I developed PMLE over past 5 years and it has been getting terrible each year . This year I planned to visit Cancun and decided to try Shirudo AGR+E... I lied on beach for 4-5 hours with Shirudo AGR+E on ( applying every 2 hours and used a hat) , I had lightly red skin at the end of the day , but nothing terrible . I applied it next day and no rash or redness this time and from next day there is no trace of PMLE ( I think my skin got used to sun by then) .... I am so very happy because I cannot count the number of vacations that were ruined and filled with pain because of my PMLE . Thank you for making this. PLEASE DONT EVER STOP MAKING OR SELLING IT . I cannot thank you guys enough , you are awesome... Thanks, »

- Swetha,
Greenwood - USA


« NO RASH!!!

I wanted to THANK YOU for this marvellous cream. I am on my second to last day on vacation and I have NO RASH!!!!! It is life changing. I'm so glad I found out about your cream. I will be a client for life! What a lovely change! Thanks again!»

- Laura,
Montreal - Canada


« I am very grateful.

I recently purchased 2 bottles of AGR+E I can report that for the first time in 20 years I was able to go out in the sunshine and not get my awful rash. I was diagnosed 8 years ago with PMLE and have a home in the UK and Spain. I have just returned from unseasonably hot spain, I had imagined that I would have to stay out of the sun forever but this worked thank you so much! I am very grateful.»

- Kim,
Leicester - United Kingdom


« My face has no rash at all, thank you.

Overall, it is a great product. I have severe PLE for 8 years. This is my first time using the lotion. I have used it at Cancun for last 6 days. Very very mild rash on super small area. My face has no rash at all, thank you. The only con is yellow residues, but not a big deal since I expected after read some reviews. I wish it was formulated with SPF or sun block product, then no need to put on another layer of sunblock. »

- Laiki,
Westwood - USA


« You saved our vacation!!!!

I am VERY happy with this product. I purchased it for our trip to Hawaii because we were suspecting that our daughter has PLE. She applied it everyday and she had no PLE issues. She forgot to apply it one morning and sure enough, the PLE erupted. Fortunately, her case was not too severe and resolved rather quickly. After that episode, she faithfully applied it the rest of the trip. I plan on sharing this information and product with my daughter's allergy specialist. I know he is always looking for new products to help his patients. Thank you Shirudo! You saved our vacation!!!!»

- Karen,
Omaha - USA


«It's not often a product does what you use it for!

I used your agr+e lotion for the first time this year for my vacation in Aruba, I developed polymorphous about 5 years ago and we go to Aruba every year, I read a blog about it and so i bought a bottle....i was willing to try anything to prevent this horrible rash with i get on my chest and upper arms. Your lotion was magnicifient! It prevented it about 90% of what I usually get and with continued use it went away after 1 day..I couldnt believe it, so just wanted to say... thank you thank you thank you! I will always use it for this reason and I will certainly tell anyone I know with the same problem.»

- Luann,
Clinton - USA


«We can't thank you enough!!!

I wanted to write to let you know how grateful we are for finding your product. My 12 year old son began to suffer from PMLE a few years ago while on vacation in Florida during spring break. He was hit hard with symptoms and after day two of vacation had to spend the rest of the time covered up, on Benadryl and out of the sun. Very difficult for an active kid who loves to spend vacation in the pool and fishing on our boat. His PMLE, from that point on, occurred every time we visited Florida (twice per year). He was miserable and I scoured the internet for help. I stumbled upon a blog that mention the Shirudo product. We have now used it for my son on at least two Florida trips and his PMLE has stayed in check. The other product that we use in conjunction is sunscreen by Ocean Potion. They contain Avobenzone and are Oxybenzone free (which he reacts negatively to). We can't thank you enough!!!»

- Julie, Malvern - USA


«Your product is so effective

I have to thank you sincerely for your wonderful antioxidant lotion!! For years I suffered with PLE and could not enjoy the outdoors, much less a vacation in a sunny destination. Because your product is so effective, I no longer have a problem! Thank you, Thank You!»

- Marie,
Mont Sinai NY - USA


«This product is a god-send, and I'd recommend it to anyone with PMLE.

I just needed to email you and tell you how wonderful your product was. When I was planning a trip to Mexico with my boyfriend last month, I began doing research into the rash I seem to develop when I go away on vacation. The first time I experienced the rash I was in the DR, and had it all over my forearms - it drove me crazy! About a year and a half later, I was in Cuba, and my chest, stomach, inner thighs and arms broke out - it almost ruined my vacation with how itchy I was. The only thing that saved me was a couple cloudy days.I didn't want to go through that again, and when I had my first longer tanning session before going, my stomach broke out in this rash again. I made the leap and purchased your product, willing to try anything to keep this rash at bay. Your site also educated me about UVA/UVB rays, so I invested in Ombrelle broad spectrum lotion before going. The combination of the two was amazing. I didn't see a hint of a rash anywhere on my body, and I spent all hours of the day in the sun. I applied the lotion and sunscreen every two hours and/or after getting out of the water. Even when I got a little bit of a burn on my stomach, still no rash!This product is a god-send, and I'd recommend it to anyone with PMLE. I'll never go on vacation without it! Thank you for giving me the ability to enjoy a tropical trip again!»

- Kelly,
Calgary - Canada


« It changed my vacation and will change the rest of my life.

I just wanted to let you know how well your Antioxidant Moisturizing Body Lotion worked for me. I have been suffering from PMLE for years - the first time I had a reaction I was 17 and I have had a bad reaction to the sun every time I've gone south since. Before going on my vacation to Hawaii, I decided that enough was enough and I was going to do something about this so I could enjoy my time on the beach and outside when on vacation. I came across your product and saw the reviews it got so I decided to give it a try. I was in Hawaii for three and a half weeks and had no PMLE symptoms the entire time. It changed my vacation and will change the rest of my life as I know I can go to these places and enjoy myself without worrying about how much I've exposed my skin to the sun. Thank you so much, the product is incredible. »

- Kimberly,
Ottawa - Canada


« Made my vacation wonderful.

I used the lotion on vacation last week at the beach. I usually break out with in the first 3 days and I am usually covered by the time we leave. I didn't get any break outs until the 5th day and they were very few bumps. I love the lotion, hope it continues to work. Made my vacation wonderful. So glad that I have found something that works for this. Thanks»

- Stephanie
, Bristol TN - USA


« Thank you so much for creating the product.

I am almost in disbelief at the immediate effect that your antioxidant moisturizer has had on me. I have suffered from increasingly worse PMLE for about 15 years, and it had gotten to the point where I couldn't tolerate even a few seconds of sun exposure, even with the strongest sun protection on the market. This has had a significant impact on my life as I am unable to join my friends and family in so many of the fun spring, summer and fall activities. Using your antioxidant moisturizer, I have been able to be in the sun for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so much for creating the product. I've already told my sister, who has moderate PMLE, about it and she's putting in her order! »

- Marium,
Chicago - USA


« I was finally able to lay out in the sun and not get a horrible rash!

I purchased the Antioxidant Moisturizing Body Lotion to bring on my vacation to Cancun hoping it would work and I was amazed! I was finally able to lay out in the sun and not get a horrible rash! Thank you for making this product because it has changed my summer. I am 22 years old and am so happy I don't have to worry about getting pmle. I came back from my vacation with an amazing tan and no problems at all. I am so excited that I tried this product and that it works! It has been the only product that actually works and I am grateful. »

- Erica,
North Carolina - USA


« I feel like you saved my life. I am eternally greatful to you.

I was just recently diagnosed with PMLE with a severe break out in April 2013 and recurrent episode's with even 10 minutes of sun exposure with sunscreen applied. It was so bad 2 weeks ago, it was going through my clothing!! I thought my time in the daylight was over. I tried this lotion this weekend, and I am estatic, it's been 48 hours and I have no rash whatsoever!!! I spent hours in the sun this weekend and have zero PMLE symptoms! I feel like you saved my life. I am eternally greatful to you. Thank you!!! »

- Anjulee,
Nova Scotia - Canada


« I can't believe it -- but it works! Thank you more than words can say.

As a 6 year sufferer of severe PMLE, I am so excited to report that this product has wonderful results. It feels wonderful too! Light, silky, great moisturizer. I cannot believe I didn't get PMLE this week while out in the sun. I am so used to the emotions attached to it- feeling very limited and sad, even missing out on beach time with my little ones. Now I can't wait to book my next vacation! This company has excellent customer service and I couldn't be happier with the whole experience. Thank you for helping us! »

- Erin,
Washington IL - USA


«It has change my life.

I'd like to say that the lotion that I bought is making a difference in my long suffering from p.m.l.e. I have severe reactions and have used the product in real situations and my out breaks have not been as bad. The service was great. I'm getting ready for Maui and that is why I bought the product. It has change my life. »

- Janet,
New Mexico - USA


« I truly believe this lotion will finally be able to provide hope and help to PMLE sufferers who don't want to avoid the sun completely!

I began experiencing PMLE , or sun allergy, symptoms of varying degrees as a young teen. For years I've searched for products that could lessen or completely prevent the terrible itching and bumps that would appear every time I vacationed at the beach or spent a lot of time in the sun.

I received this lotion in late July... just before leaving for a California beach vacation. I used the lotion as recommended: Before sun exposure and then reapplying every 2 hours while in the sun. I used SPF 4, 8, and 15 (so nothing above 15) while in the sun, over top of the Shirudo lotion. I did not develop ANY PMLE symptoms while on my vacation and came back with an amazing tan! »

- Lindsey,
Kentucky - USA

« Thank you so much!!!! Best sun holiday in 20 years.

Just a note to let you know how wonderful the Antioxidant Cream worked for my PMLE. Eight days in Mexico in the sun in the past would have left me with PMLE almost everywhere. Just got back and had very minor spots not even worth mentioning. I used it as recommended every two hours with sunscreen, 50 spf Eucerin Sun Allergy from Germany. In the past the sunscreen only did not work. Last year I used Vitamin E oil with the sunscreen and it was better, but the Shirudo with sunscreen worked better than anything else I have ever tried. The 8 oz bottle was just enough for the 7 days. »

- Scott,
Calgary - Canada

«This is the only thing that has worked for me.

I have now tested the product in real conditions - in NZ in summer! Overall experience great - no rash. This is the only thing that has worked for me. What I like most is that it is easy to apply. I will recommend the lotion to anyone else with similar problems. Thanks very much for developing this product!!!!! »

- Fiona,
Auckland - New Zealand


I ordered this for my boyfriend who has PMLE, after researching and trying other products. It has cleared up his skin and prevents his skin from flaring up. It's the only thing that has worked to date. The only negative thing I would say about it is the price.

Cheryl - California


Bought this as my daughter was recently diagnosed with pmle and it worked. She did not have any rash and we used it underneath Eucerin factor sun tan cream that is recommended for pmle. My other daughter normally suffers with heat rash when we are abroad and she used this cream too and it worked for her. My husband used it on his sunburn. Highly recommend and worth every penny. so glad we bought it as both my daughters aged 16 and 14 hate going on holiday and their rashes normally ruin our holiday.

Gaynor Dayus-Reason - England, United Kingdom


Bought this last time I went on holiday as my husband suffers badly with his skin in the sun, tried every lotion but nothing worked until I found Shirudo, apply religiously and it works!! Never had a holiday free of skin problems suffered by my husband, such a relief to find this wonderful stuff, I'm surprised it's not for sale in all mainstream big chemists as it would be wonderful if everyone was aware of it. Am just about to order some more for our upcoming holiday, thank you Eloise, well done!!!

Trudy - London, UK


I did not learn about PMLE until recently when I came across an article about "When It's Not A Sunburn But A Sun Allergy" and saw Eloise's comment regarding PMLE. Little did I know, I've been suffering PMLE for almost 10 years! After spending a few minutes in the sun, my skin would break out in patches of very irritable rash all over my neck, hands, arms, and back. Even driving for 15-30 minutes on a sunny day, my neck, hands and arms would get these burning and itchy rashes! Applying sunscreen only helped so much, but I would still get the rashes. I thought that this was something that I would have to live with for the rest of my life - stay covered up at all time when out in the sun, while everyone else is in tank top and shorts... My husband jokingly called me a vampire. Thanks to Shirudo lotion, I can now enjoy outdoor activities! This product is purely awesome!

T. Anderson - Los Angeles, CA


I have suffered from sun allergies for over 5 years I was always able to keep it under control with sunscreen, aloe Vera, and other prickly heat remedies, staying out of the sun and covering up. As of last year it got unbearable, on the first day of my holiday to Greece my neck, legs and arms were covered. It was painful and sore and I couldn't enjoy my holiday. Since then even a few hours in the London sun will be enough to trigger it and it takes over a week to recover.
I have tried so many lotions, acupuncture and supplements but this is the best thing I have tried. I purchased it before a recent trip to Canada and I was actually able to enjoy my holiday. I put it on as directed without fail and no rash.
Thank you so much!!!

Raj, London UK



I have been suffering with sun allergies for years. Everytime I would head south out would come the rash. I tried everything to control it but nothing worked. I never had it happen when I was at home in Ontario until this year. Great, I thought, and I have a trip booked to Mexico in November. I'm going to be a walking blob. I ordered this cream on a Friday and it was delivered on the Monday. I put it on as soon as I received it and my skin immediately felt normal...OK it didn't look normal immediately but it felt great. I applied it faithfully under my sun screen and the rash disappeared. I can't say enough about this cream. I am REALLY looking forward to my trip to Mexico now. Have no fear about ordering this if you want relief as it really works.

Elizabeth - Ontario


I was diagnosed with PMLE last September. Because I live in south Florida it is nearly impossible to avoid the tropical sun. I had a rash for three months straight with no relief. Just being exposed while driving in my car makes me break out. I even break out on cloudy days. After two months with Shirudo my skin has completely cleared up. It's a life saver!! I don't go anywhere without it and my sunscreen. Thank you for an amazing product!!

Janet Roy - Florida, USA


I ended up finding out about this product through research and seen the creator talking about it on YouTube. Then a nurse told me about it when I could not afford a doctor to take care of the situation. I've had this problem since my early 20s, so this has been going on for about six years. Every year it gets worse, and last year was the worse episode of all. My reactions only happen in the summer time, where the breakouts attack my neck and the folds of my arms. But last year it started under my eyes. The breakouts are so bad on my arms that they actually leave scars. My mother wanted to help and decided to order this product for me. With the price and the reviews, I was really hoping this would work, because most of the time I end up on the wrong end of luck. The product arrived quickly, and I used a little in areas where I break out and sealed it with my Banana Boat 50 spectrum sunblock and went out on a hot summer day for a couple of hours. It only takes a couple of minutes for me to break out, but there was not one breakout anywhere. I couldn't believe it. Fortunately, this summer isn't as hot, but there have been very hot days where my skin would definitely react but has not. I've only had a very small breakout on the fold of my arm since using this product, but I'm okay with that. It beats having a breakout in the whole area. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who may have this problem, and I'm very happy with the results.

Kendra - Michigan