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I developed PMLE over past 5 years and it has been getting terrible each year . This year I planned to visit Cancun and decided to try Shirudo AGR+E... I lied on beach for 4-5 hours with Shirudo AGR+E on ( applying every 2 hours and used a hat) , I had lightly red skin at the end of the day , but nothing terrible . I applied it next day and no rash or redness this time and from next day there is no trace of PMLE ( I think my skin got used to sun by then) .... I am so very happy because I cannot count the number of vacations that were ruined and filled with pain because of my PMLE . Thank you for making this. I cannot thank you guys enough , you are awesome... Thanks, »
- Swetha, Greenwood - USA

« NO RASH!!!

I wanted to THANK YOU for this marvelous cream. I am on my second to last day on vacation and I have NO RASH!!!!! It is life changing. I'm so glad I found out about your cream. I will be a client for life! What a lovely change! Thanks again!»
- Laura, Montreal - Canada

«It's not often a product does what you use it for!

I used your agr+e lotion for the first time this year for my vacation in Aruba, I developed polymorphous light eruption about 5 years ago and we go to Aruba every year, I read a blog about it and so i bought a bottle... I was willing to try anything to prevent this horrible rash I get on my chest and upper arms. Your lotion was magnificent! It prevented it about 90% of what I usually get and with continued use it went away after 1 day. I couldn't believe it, so just wanted to say... thank you thank you thank you! I will always use it for this reason and I will certainly tell anyone I know with the same problem. » 
- Luann , Clinton NY - USA

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