What our customers have said



I I was sceptical about purchasing this cream. It is nothing shy of amazing! This cream, combined with regular sunscreen, has changed my life. Apply a thin layer under your regular sunscreen and enjoy life! This product has allowed me to once again enjoy life outdoors with my family. The bumps, rash, itching are all a distant memory when used properly. This cream is worth every penny!! I will never be without this cream again! »
- Michelle, Missouri- USA

« NO RASH!!!

I wanted to THANK YOU for this marvelous cream. I am on my second to last day on vacation and I have NO RASH!!!!! It is life changing. I'm so glad I found out about your cream. I will be a client for life! What a lovely change! Thanks again!»
- Laura, Montreal - Canada


I have two kids that suffer from PMLE and this lotion has reduced their flare ups in the sun many times over. Kids love to play outside in the summer and they have a ton of activities in the water. I used to dread sending them on any of their field trips and now I rest easy knowing they can make it the whole day without suffering. Great product and highly recommend. » 
- Laura , Minneapolis MN - USA